About Talentwerk

What services do you offer?

We offer our customers support in all aspects of the IT project landscape. We are specialists in software development, process analysis, project management and test management. We also have experience in administration and support of infrastructures and business applications.

How many employees do you have?

We currently have about 85 full-time employees and are proud of the fact that 42% of our Technology consulting staff are women compared to the industry average of 16.6% that’s 153% higher.

What is your turnover?

We made sales of Euro 500 thousand in 2012 and in 2013 we made Euro 1 million. In 2014, we were to EUR 1.5 million in sales and in 2016, we will generate sales of EUR 5.25 million. Prediction for 2017 onwards continue to very strong.

Who are your customers?

Our customers are SMEs and large companies. Our focus is on software development, consulting and management of projects in the financial industry and other industries. We are partners for other consulting firms.

What is your desired start date?

We are very keen to give every entrant the best opportunity to make his career start as optimally as possible. Sometimes it is time for you to start, which is why we want to do it.

Are there periods of notice?

The notice period is usually 1 month after the probationary period.

How much is my holiday entitlement?

Your holiday entitlement is 25 days plus all bank and public holidays.

My salary

Is very much dependent on your seniority and experience. Talentwerk try to pay our team members. If you are not worried about your salary, you can focus on your work, you are less likely to be tempted away, so we retain the knowledge we have worked with you to build up, so you get promoted … and get a higher salary. Simple.

How often is my salary reviewed?

There are no salary adjustments or promotions. Each employee has an individual development plan. With the achievement of the objectives, promotions and salary adjustments are justified and decided individually by the management.

Is there a travel expense refund if I go to a customer service in the morning?

Yes. We will reimburse you. As a general rule, we do not charge our customers in the London catchment area. Accordingly, we do not receive any such compensation to our staff. However, as always, there are exceptions, which are also dependent on your place of residence.

Can you give me a temporary rental subsidy?

Yes. We know it is difficult to set up a new location when you are just starting out in your career. Please contact us for assistance.

Can you cover the relocation costs?

Yes. If you need help, please let us know.

What opportunities for further education and career development do I have?

No need to ask. We need a great deal because we want our employees to be among the best employees in the industry.
We offer our employees extensive training opportunities. Our training courses are based on internationally recognized standards and certifications (eg Cert-IT, IPMA and PMI). We train our trainers through trainings for specific needs.
Our career paths are geared towards continuous employee development. Through increasing experience and positive feedback from the projects, the personal development goals are defined and implemented in a timely manner in regular feedback discussions. We do not have rigid promotion pyramids; Every employee can reach all levels in all career paths.

Where will my workplace be?

Your workplace will be located in the IT sector 80% in the ‘City’.

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