“We remain just as dedicated to the development of our people as the Tech behind it.”

Stefan Ruehle, CEO

Talentwerk’s 5 Core Values

Teamwerk always
We work as a team to achieve our goals – let’s build together! We win or lose as one. We stand together and support each other.

Respect for all
We respect each other’s differences and encourage self-expression. We want our employees to feel welcome and valued when being who they are. Our diverse culture is key to growth.

Be brave
Make mistakes quickly, show the courage to do so. Be accountable for failure as well as success. Be less afraid of making mistakes and it will help you to grow faster.

Speak up
Bring your energy and passion to work every day. Share ideas – we want to hear them!

Make it happen
We are driven to succeed. We are passionate about your growth as a person as part of our team, because that creates opportunities.


Talentwerk advances your career through ongoing training and professional development. You will start work directly on client site with one of our well-known customers from the finance, finance IT, logistics or retail sectors.

We are looking for team players who have the willingness to invest in their own career development and build up their professional and social skills as IT specialists. We demand and promote, because we promise to our employees a continuous further development program of their professional knowledge and social skills.

Individual career plan for our employees in consultation with our customers.

Training and further training as well as complete training-on-the-job.

Mentored by Senior Talentwerk staff and management.

Individual career stages such as customer internalization or a Talentwerk Team Lead.

“I am paid for the job I really love and I am learning new things everyday. I am able to use my knowledge and push myself in the areas that I am unsure of myself”. 

“An ambitious dynamic company that has managed to win many committed and motivated people”.


Our team are integrated into a tailored training program, which ensures the extensive expansion of their knowledge. Depending on the chosen career path, the personal knowledge to date, the wishes of our employees and in accordance with the requirements of the customer in the project, our Engineers will participate in regular further training courses and certifications.


In addition, our employees are integrated into an intensive care program. Through regular feedback sessions employees can always contribute their thoughts and ideas.

Talentwerk has an open-door policy across the entire team and management. Staff are given intensive coaching and mentoring in order to provide them with the best possible support during the initial phase of their careers. Tailored individual career opportunities and options are always open for discussion.


As part of their training and development further certification measures are completed to ensure their professional development.

“The parallel training concept of Talentwerk has greatly facilitated the integration phase within the company, since Talentwerk offered the “right degree of practice and theory”.



“The active support of the employees as well as the opportunity for further training courses plus additional mentoring make Talentwerk very attractive employer.”




Our Team works hard so we like to have fun.

“Talentwerk distinguishes itself from other companies by the fact that every employee is appreciated and promoted. Even if you work externally, a close contact is always maintained. “



“Talentwerk is professional, uncomplicated, ambitious and motivating company that provides the necessary tools, including intensive coaching and mentoring”.




DevOps Engineer


AWS Cloud Engineer

IT Security

Big Data Specialist (Linux, Hadoop, Hive, Spark, NoSQL)


Linux Administrator

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