Talentwerk enables our clients to access, utilise and internalise the next generation of digital engineers.

Through our focussed consultant development program all our staff are trained in, or training to, industry recognised accreditations and qualifications thus ensuring the quality of delivery our clients expect.  Through our innovative concept we have enabled our clients to often reduce operational staffing costs by up to 45%.

2/3 of the external consultants in IT projects are experienced senior consultants (especially in the fields of DevOps, Cloud, Infrastructure and Big Data).

Offshoring is an adequate tool for clearly structured and documented processes, but 70% of IT tasks require specialized and company-specific know-how that require cost-effective local resources.

Senior staff often undertake day-to-day tasks for which they are over-qualified.

Use of Talentwerk Consultants leads to a cost-effective mix of resources in the project, while increasing productivity and lowering budget requirements.


Our aim is to assist our clients implement their IT and digital transformation strategies through access to our qualified and flexible engineers, within the DevOps Cloud and Big Data environment.

Consistent training of the newest tools and methodologies remains at the heart of our success as our Engineers all receive regular training through our innovative support concept.


Our mission is to support your choices and help you deliver your chosen options and not to implement a set system or that of a chosen partner.

Our aim is not to tell you what you have/are doing wrong, constantly, and to push for additional ‘experts’ to be btrought onsite, but to help you achieve your project goals quickly and cost-effectively.

Our focus is not a short-term, KPI Driven goal, but to act as a long-term strategic solution partner.

Externalization of risk

All staff are employed by Talentwerk.

Cost Savings

Day rates for contractors are often 100% higher
than Talentwerk Consultants.

Increased productivity

Senior freelancers are not 100% more productive, free their time to help increase productivity.

Secure future IT staff

Clients have the options to permanently employ
our consultant for free after agreed timelines.

Relieve the burden

Consultants can relieve the burden on senior members of the team to free up capacity for tasks.

“We remain just as dedicated to the development of our people as the Tech behind it”.

Stefan Ruehle, CEO

Women in Tech

According to women intech the number of working women in technology is significantly lower than most other UK work sectors at just 17%, with less than one in ten being IT leaders

Talentwerk is a proud advocate on women and diversity in Technology with over 42% of our tech specialists being women and 50% of the board members.


DevOps emphasizes the importance of communication and collaboration between software developers and production IT professionals, while automating the deployment of software and infrastructure changes.

Our aim is to support your goal to create an environment in which building, testing, and deploying software can occur rapidly, frequently, and reliably.

Talentwerk delivers trusted DevOps Engineers to help enterprises align their Development and Operations towards improved information sharing, process automation and reduction in deployment time by faster issue resolutions, improved stability and better collaboration and alignment.

The DevOps environ-
ment is constantly evolving and developing new tools to meet the demands placed upon it. Talentwerk’s training concept consistently updates our Engineers with the latest tools.

Delivering solutions on the leading DevOps platforms


As part of their digital transformation initiative Enterprises are increasingly adopting cloud platforms to enhance agility, achieve efficiencies and reduce time to market.

The challenge many firms still face however in implementing their cloud strategy successfully remains the ability to upscale resources quickly, flexibly but also cost effectively.

Talentwerk’s Cloud Engineers look to provide additional flexible support to our clients within the AWS, Azure and Google cloud platforms enabling our clients to integrate their own cloud technologies strategies quicker and at optimal cost.

Delivering solutions on the leading DevOps platforms

“Organizations are pursuing strategies because of the multidimensional value of cloud services, including values such as agility, scalability, cost benefits, innovation and business growth,”

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